It all starts with an idea. At Mayorka supplies & contracting we know how to customize your idea into reality starting from architectural designing for the interiors and the exteriors to deliver our best service as full digital solution through our digital display and storage systems that can improve the way you present and stock your products in easy way to access. Here`s a summary of what we offer for pharmacies


Architectural Designing- Drawers- Trays- shelves- reception and counter- Gypsum- Flooring- storage system- Display systems- Light current- Security systems- Air conditioning.

Maintenance Package

We know how hard it`s to carry out a maintenance services to your pharmacy, with our care packages there`s no more hustle. You can always get the best service with affordable price.


Main Billboard- Entrance Gate- Billboard Ads- Logo- Cladding Textures.

Integrated Solution

Construction is often about thinking out of the box and continuously stretching the limits of what`s possible with the consideration of time and deadlines to reach your goals. We take care of all construction stages and aspects to deliver integrated solution to our clients.

El-Sheikh Pharmacy 2020-05-18_05

Samples of our work

This is a group of implemented projects for our clients. We have implemented the clients ’wishes and requests to design their residential and commercial units.

Contact Us

Please if you have any questions or need more information about one or more of our services, please feel free to contact us.


Villa 201, West Arabella, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.


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